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Welcome to Twin Best Co., Ltd, a full service plastic injection mold and moulding company providing quality, cost effective product design and mold solutions to a wide variety of industries.


We are a company with a core competency in plastic injection mold  and moulding. By accumulating years experience and many mold designs and fabrications, we have the capabilities and expertise to provide novel, effective solutions to your design needs. We know how to design in such a way to as to make manufacturing easier and more cost effective. We combine modern manufacturing techniques with old world craftsmanship to create the highest quality molds available. Our mold lets us take your designed product confidently through all tooling stages to get it to production.    



Our attractive overhead together with our flexibility and precise execution make us an excellent choice for your programs. We are happy to assist in managing areas where our experience and knowledge lie. When you're choosing Twin Best, you get a full service company who specialize in responding to your specific needs and provide excellent service. We're prepared to work with you to make the most sophisticated molds and moulding at reasonable cost and meet the critical deadlines.                
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